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Outlook Setup

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Setting up your DavyFamily.com Email in Microsoft Outlook Express

Step 1 of 11

·        Open Outlook Express

·        Click on the Tools menu located at the top of the window

·        Click on Accounts



Step 2 of 11

·        Click the Mail tab located at the top of the window

·        Click the Add button located at the right hand side of the window. Select Mail from the pop out menu.  HINT: Don’t worry if you already have other mail accounts showing in the window.  These will still work and can stay in place.

Step 3 of 11

·        Type your name in the Display name field - I recommend you full email address

·        Click the Next button


Step 4 of 11

·        Type your DavyFamily.com email address in the form username@davyfamily.com
Enter the email address in lower case letters

·        Click the Next button

Step 5 of 11

·        Select POP3 for your incoming mail server

·        For the box titled Incoming mail (POP3, IMAP or HTTP) server enter mail.davyfamily.com in lower case letters

·        For the box titled Outgoing mail (SMTP) server enter mail.davyfamily.com

·        Click the Next button


Step 6 of 11

·        Enter your FULL email address in the Account name box ie username@davyfamily.com

·        Enter your password in the Password box

·        Place a tick next to Remember password

·        Click the Next button


Step 7 of 11

·        Click the Finish button

·        You will be returned to the Internet Accounts window


Step 8 of 11

·        We need to modify a few settings that the Wizard does have.

·        Select the newly created Account by clicking on it.

·        Click on the Properties button on the right.


Step 9 of 11

·         Highlight/select the mail.davyfamily.com name and change it to your email address



Step 10 of 11

·        Click on the Servers tab at the top.

·        Click on the “My server requires authentication’ check box at the bottom.

·        Click ‘Ok’ button to save changes and you will return to the Internet Accounts window.


Step 11 of 11

·        Click on the Close button to save settings

·        Enjoy your new DavyFamily.com email account!!!!!



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